A Glorious Journey of Past Life Regression

A Glorious Journey of Past Life Regression


Extra-ordinary Books by Dr. Rakesh Jain, Ph.D.

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Dr. Jain is working very hard to provide a platform and services on hypnosis, past life regression, future life progression, spirit removal procedures, life between lives regression, remote healing, remote scanning and removal of energy attachments, self-hypnosis, self-past life regression, age regression, pre-natal regression, peri-natal regression, e-course on hypnosis and similar services.

In the process of dealing with huge number of clients and therapists, Dr. Jain has made significant advancements in the techniques, procedures, and models of past life regression therapy. To reach maximum number of interested people, he has recorded all his experiences and techniques in "A Glorious Journey of Past Life Regression". We are encouraging every interested person, experts and learners to go through his unique and tested methods which have a universal applicability and being made available through Amazon (International) and Pothi (India) at a nominal price.

It reveals all the core concepts, procedures which have been exemplified through a number of real case studies. We are trying to be honest and straightforward in our approach and commitment to serve the humanity and reduce human ailments through past life regression.

If you are comfortable and want to enrich yourself with most of the secret, instant, powerful and amazing procedures contained in this volume, you can right now place an order or you may come back again whenever you feel genuine need and commitment for your own empowerment in past life regression procedures.

He is operating on the premise that "there can be simple and easy solutions to the seeming most difficult task"; and with divine grace and persistence he could make it for the larger benefits of the people of the world. He intends to reach every part of the world with innovative, creative and comprehensive methods to date.

Are you keen to experience past life regression!

People are seeking past life regression services for resolving their emotional, interpersonal and health related issues which may have their roots in the experiences of past lives. There are cases which amply demonstrate the power of past life regression and related procedures to effect major therapeutic changes and even cure in a wide range of problems like allergy, asthma, phobia, depression, anxiety, stress, anger, feelings of insecurity, low self-confidence, performance anxiety, betrayal in relationship, being cheated, headache, stammering, pain, feelings of under-achievements, not feeling one's usual self and many others.

If you are keen to have a direct personal experience of past life regression for resolving your own issues or that of your near and dear ones; then we recommend you to become knowledgeable in the concepts and techniques of past life regression by doing a comprehensive reading which covers all the major aspects of hypnosis and related procedures in easy to understand language. "The Knowledge is Power". Arming yourself with correct and adequate knowledge prior to undergoing past life regression can save your lots of time, provide a framework of expectations, could make you confident while working with a therapist, save you from asking too many questions from the therapist and save your time and money spent in a session which may cost you $100 or even more for a session. Once you become knowledgeable in the procedures and the concepts; you and your therapist may feel at ease to proceed at the earliest for the proper regression session without spending much time in your initial preparation and education.

You will exactly know what you are going to experience; how the experience will be released by your mind; how susceptible is your mind for a successful experience of past life regression, what sort of instructions would be given to you by your therapist, how a therapist is likely to guide your journey to the past, how can you maximize the healing potentials of your own regression experience.

The acquired knowledge and skill in the process would help you at this point of time and also continue to do so for years to come. This may be a lifetime learning on your part because the concepts and skills are presented in most easy manner which can quickly be grasped by your mind. You do not have to trouble your mind by saying that it would be too difficult for you. Unless you have it; go through it; how could you make out that it is incredibly easy and simple. It is.

We recommend that you should become sufficiently knowledgeable prior to getting a personal experience of past life regression to derive optimum benefits from a regression session. Dr. Jain's program is most comprehensive and a unique one which can empower you in the core concepts and skills of hypnosis and past life regression which shall help you in deriving maximum gains from personal experience of regression with a therapist.

Get Empowered with Dr. Jain's Secrets of Past Life Regression:

A book by Indian author with worldwide applicability. Grab it now to make a difference in your thinking, understanding and applications of Past Life Regression, Spirit Removal Procedures, Remote Healing, Invoking Divine Presence and using potentials of sub-conscious mind. An economic and most effective book you will love it at the bottom of your heart. No extra-ordinary claims of any kind. You may never like to miss the power and vision envisioned in this potentially life transforming book.

Do you have a passion for learning past life regression!

Many great masters in the world enabled the practitioners of past life regression and promoted applications of it. The famous ones are - Dr. Brian Weiss, Dr. Bruce Goldberg, Dr. Kondaveti Newton, Dr. Andy Tomlinson, Dr. Hans TenDam, Dr. Michael Newton, Carol Bowman, Dr. Walter Semkiw, Trutz Hardo, Dr. Sunny Satin, Dr. William Baldwin, Dr. Roger Woolger, Dr. Helen Wambach, Edith Fiore and others.

To learn the concepts and skills of hypnosis, past life regression, sprit removal procedures and other forms of regression and progressions, you need to have a supervised experience with an expert. The supervision would sharpen your skills and make you proficient. But there is a difference between approaching an expert for learning without any background or a partial background vis-a-vis comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the concepts and the skill sets. If you are entering into a learning program with higher level of baseline understanding and the skill set; you can make a faster progress and learn more during supervised instructions and demonstrations. Dr. Jain's book is meant to equip you thoroughly for such a baseline understanding which would accelerate your assimilation and incorporation of skills of the experts. You will find many techniques including instant ones for hypnotizing others, instructions for regression, what type of questions need be asked during regression, what to do for healing during the regression experience and a lot more. Having learned past life regression you could be able to resolve problems like fears, anxiety, allergy, pain, interpersonal dispute or any other problem of emotional, interpersonal nature which have their roots in past life traumatic events. It may be a great service on your part.

We have seen students who joined the supervised learning programs on past life regression after undergoing online hypnosis programs of more than $200 for making up their perceived inadequacy and upgrading their baseline knowledge. Our recommendation is straightforward. You won't necessarily need any book after going through Dr. Jain's for equipping yourself at baseline into the skills of hypnosis and past life regression. Dr. Jain's book is an authoritative, final and thorough in all the respects to serve your this purpose. If you want; you can do additional readings to add further but not for seeking baseline knowledge. Dr. Jain is providing the best possible Empowerment Program which could transform your career of hypnosis and past life regression. You are likely to retain it as a ready reference manual for years to come. We have done our own testing by circulating its preliminary form on a large group at baseline and we observed a quick and the fastest learning by the participants.

If you have a passion and want to make a difference in the lives of others through this knowledge of hypnosis, we feel, it is one of the best available program to orient you from A to Z on the requisite skills and concepts. You may feel amazed by the saving of your time, energy and even money in acquisition of essential hypnosis skills and powerful procedures of guiding past life regression. Dr. Jain presents his experiences and skill secrets in most lucid and easy to understand manner which can make lasting impressions in deeper layers of your mind. You would not only understand them but feel the joy of integrating them into your own skill repertoire.

Are you a practicing therapist anywhere in the world!

There is always a scope for innovation and advancement of one's skills. We favor an approach of continuing professional development (CPD) and we ourselves keep on reading and reading more and more books and programs on hypnosis and past life regression. This widens our horizon and add to our knowledge and skills.

If you have an open and receptive mind and you want to add tangible and significant skill set in your repertoire of existing skills; we would recommend you to at least view this resource and feel the joy of integration of the simple and easy to apply methodology of hypnosis, past life regression, Joseph Murphy Model, Jheel Baba Model, Personification Model, Remote Healing, Spirit Removal, Removal of foreign energy from places, projection of consciousness and much more...

You shall be having a series of 'ah' experiences while capturing the essence and to the point concepts and techniques which would stimulate your own creativity for developing your own methods of hypnosis and past life regression on the fly. The most promising would be our approach to spirit removal. A hitherto difficult concepts and procedures have been made incredibly easy and tested through a large number of therapists. We recommend you to have an open mind and learn the secrets of Dr. Jain's applications which can re-align your applications of hypnosis and past life regression.

The True Features in the Program:

  1. Guided visualization
  2. Self-regression through meditation
  3. Audio assisted self-regression
  4. Instant and rapid methods of hypnotic induction
  5. Assessing hypnotic potentials of anyone
  6. Hypnotic trance deepeners
  7. Know for sure whether a person has really been hypnotized through your suggestions
  8. Several techniques of past life regression
  9. Instant and rapid past life regression techniques
  10. Creative techniques of accessing past life of other persons
  11. Types and techniques of age regression
  12. The questions you need to ask during regression and the way you could guide a person to have an experience of past life regression
  13. Life between lives regression
  14. Future life progression
  15. Spirit removal procedures
  16. Remote healing through hypnosis
  17. Hypnosis termination procedures
  18. A comprehensive guide for users of past life regression
  19. Many more concepts and procedures


A most economic and recommended program for the persons with pro mindset, skeptics, users, medical practitioners, psychologists, counselors, past life therapists, professionals, spiritual healers, Reiki masters, pranic healers, psychics, alternative therapists and any person interested in the field of hypnosis, past life regression and reincarnation.

Past Life Regression through path-breaking models:

  1. Personification Model: Instant Spirit Removal Procedure
  2. Joseph Murphy Model: Using Potentials of Sub-conscious Mind
  3. A break-up of the Levels of Age Regression: Re-defining the method
  4. Jheel Baba Model: A Powerful Divine Presence to Protect and Heal on the Spota
  5. Doing-it-for-Yourself and in-Groups: Self-hypnosis and regression; hypnotizing groups
  6. Remote scanning and spirit removal from other persons and places: Projection of Consciousness

Amazon Five Star Reviews:

  1. Sourav Mishra: One of the most comprehensive book covering all thr aspects of past life regression therapy. A must read for every one. The author of the book is a well renowned psychologist and has compiled all his experiences in this field with a unbiased, non-judgmental and logical views. This is a 100% unadulterated book on this topic and simply good to read.
  2. Shraddha Tripathi: Just wow.... A wonderful book on Past life Regression.. It's as easy as study notes... and as deep as Ocean... Highly recommend to everyone either learner or Practitioner or Inquisitor of Past life Regression.
  3. Atul Vajpeyi: Must read book for ever one especially for those who have interest in topic. It is wonderfully written and delivers the most powerful information in the simplest form which is very easy to “connect to”. I absolutely recommend this book. The book is a MUST HAVE.
  4. Rahul: A must read book whoever has little bit interest in past life, reincarnation etc. well worded book will keep you bounded till the end.
    It elaborated the subject so extensively that it will be a great help to many.
  5. Sarika Kumar: The best book I came across on Past life Regression....no technical language, easy to follow. An All-in one book covering every aspect of Past life Regression. A Complete guide to practitioners who can always be guided through this book. Every single and smallest aspect of Past life Regression covered in most interesting manner. A truly engrossing book with best techniques which makes you feel confident as a practioner. The author has liberally shared his techniques and discussed Spirit Release Therapy and Remote Healing in crisp and clear manner. This book is a must have for all Past Life Practicers not just in India but abroad too.
  6. Amazon Customer: Author has done wonderful job. I could understand past life regression more clearly than ever before. A must read for generally everyone and then decide your orientation, I bet most people, after reading this book will agree to idea or reality of past life.
  7. Dr. Agarwal: Irresistible. Priceless. Lucid. The author has very genuinely painted picture of his own experiences in the field of past life regression and hypnotherapy. There is simply no pretension. It is an absolutely honest narration of how his concepts and methods evolved through the years studded with case studies. There is a wealth of original techniques developed by him. The book in itself is a testimonial to his sincere and dedicated efforts in not only healing the clients but also equipping and empowering the practioners in this wonderful art of healing. I highly recommend it to everyone interested in this area. Some things about the book. Why I was very comfortable with the ideas was. One: I already told you no technical jargon, simple, layman language. Two: nowhere it is claimed that it is scientifically proven or that the author believes them to be true. Three: I was impressed with the idea that the ultimate purpose is nothing but to heal. This idea was welcomed by my holistic approach based mind. I was a bit scared when the SRT chapter started. And my premise was that you yourself believe that such things do exist. But near the end of the chapter, it was cleared. You clearly stated that there is insufficient scientific evidence as of now. And that it is not clear how this works. So, it is kept open for the reader to decide. That was appealing. No claims or impositions. The verbatim techniques gave a feel of live demo.
  8. Dr. Sanjeev Arora: Rakesh jain sir . I got kindle edition as here in dubai it was easier to get it as we can get kindle edition within seconds in our device and as I was badly impatient to read it . Sir after reading half of the book, I am in a position that I have no words to express my gratitude. While narrating ur stories only ; u have nicely and elaborately covered all the things and secrets in the easiest way possible . No part ; I feel is left unturned . All queries u have answered already .
    Not simply mentioning the techniques , u have finely described and explained all techniques so nicely so as to enable us understand it ; absorb it and do the things ourselves with confidence . I feel more confident and more versed with the subject and find it most practical application book . It's a great read ; a unique book I have ever read and a precious treasure for me . Feel like reading it again and again. Sir ; a real teacher and master I am indebted. God bless u. Thanks sir.
  9. Renu Rathee: The book is very interesting...couldn't stop myself to read in one go.
  10. Amit Agarwal: really crisp and simple to understand concepts. the author has connected really very well & uplifted my knowledge in the subject matter
  11. Virendra Pawar: Great book. One of the great book I read about past life regeneration...... thanks to author
  12. Amazon Customer: Must read. Most amazing book I have ever read about past life regression
  13. Aniruddh Raghav: After a long time a book worth reading!
  14. Narendra Vashishth: A single word, if used to tell about the book, then it should be ~WONDERFUL. This book explains the whole process as a journey. It also tells about author's own sweat n blood efforts to earn this skill. For people interested in the field of hypnosis and past life regression, I suggest the book as a `Must Read`. No doubt, it is a milestone. Being a clinical psychologist, the author has related the concepts with psychotherapy. One more important aspect I found is that the book brings a scientific approach towards hypnosis and past life regression in layman's language. Easy to understand as well as convenient to follow. I congratulate the author Dr. Rakesh Jain to handover such a great knowledge with so simplicity. I wish if this book could be multilingual for all the people in India as well as abroad.
  15. Irina Filatova: Rare Past Life Regression book with stories of Indian clients in English. This is a very interesting book for practitioners of past life regression or anybody who is interested in this method, it does have a chapter on how to do it yourself in meditation. For me it was especially interesting to read past life stories of people in India, because there are many books with past life stories of American or European clients, but not many books in English by PLR therapists who live and work in Asia. I noticed stunning difference between PL stories of Indian clients in comparison with Western clients - primarily the role of Guru in past lives and the relationship between Guru and a student in reincarnations. Some stories in this book are truly fantastic, clients quoting their past life Guru in trance, Guru predicting their future lives etc etc. There are also stories of animal past lives - most PLR therapists in the West deny animal past lives (except for Dolores Cannon) - but I guess it is easier for Indian clients to see themselves as animals as idea of animal incarnations is accepted in Hindu religion. The book also has many different methods of trance induction which can be useful for hypnotherapists.
  16. Dr. Sanjeev: It is a precious treasure. Book is full of wisdom pearls collected by experience and thorough practice of years ; a divine gift of God for a reader which would otherwise be possible only after reading soo many books on hypnosis and past life regression . It would not be an exaggeration if I say that this book is equivalent to a month long training/workshop covering each n every finest details of hypnosis and PLR that too explained in the easiest way possible. My words and feelings of expressions are insufficient to say something about this book . What I can do only is to bow my head for the author in a gratitude.
  17. Dr. Chinu, on Flipkart: Extra-ordinary and Courageous. A gripping account of author's own experiences in the field of past life regression. In the backdrop of the autobiographical sketches studded with real cases, the book can actually be called a must have text on hypnotherapy and past life regression. It has a wealth of knowledge on these subjects and hands on skills and techniques ,most of them originally developed by the author himself. Written in a simple yet lucid language ,it binds the reader till the last and has an easy , pleasant pace. What endears the reader to the book is the honesty and genuineness with which the subject matter is presented. The book heralds a new era in psychology based writing where we see a unique blend of the narrative and the informative styles. A must read for people interested to read something of substance in the mystifying area of past life regression
  18. Amazon Customer: I'm really grateful to him for his great contributions to the field of clinical psychology and mental ...This book really changed my schema of Indian psychologists. The writer of this book is really a pioneer in clinical field. I'm really grateful to him for his great contributions to the field of clinical psychology and mental health. I'm much interested in the study of human nature scientifically and this book provided me with a different perspective. Reading of this book going to be a turning point in my life.
  19. Rakesh Sharma: Amazon has earned my admiration and confidence albeit very gradually. But then certain events or items can change the perspective dramatically and in a jiffy. This book 'A Glorious Journey Of Past Life Regression' by its dedicated author Dr Rakesh Jain, has not only met my expectation but surpassed it by miles. Not only it brings kudos to its able author but adds a feather to Amazon's cap. A must read for not only the professionals of that field, Psychologists, but for anybody who would like to devour a fascinating subject and titillate his mind to boundless possibilities! Thanks for the gem.
  20. Dipak: Very Nice. awesome book this is a must read

Personal Appreciations:

  1. Vishal Jindal: hi sir today i meet one of your x student Mr. sunil ji and had good conversation about you and your magic i am really excited to know and learn it . now seeking opportunity to be a part of your next live session and as i asked u about free kindle edition but now I think this thing is not meant for free . this is something very precious part of sc. assembled by you by years of effort so ill purchase the hard copy of book .... and hope and wish to meet you soon in your next session.
  2. Prof. Shyamlata: You deserve it sir !Heartiest Congratulations your are proud of our Indian psychologist.
  3. Purti Sharma: You make us proud sir the entire psychologist family
  4. TC Chauhan: Sure sir i m now reading this book for last 4 days it is one of wonderful experience of my life. I wish to purchase it's hard copy let me know it's hindi version is available in market. Bcoz it's hindi version will be useful for my family & friends.
  5. Sarlah Chaurasia, UK: Sir I will get few copies and leave in communal places for people to read.
  6. Monika: This book is worth every single penny I already have bought it from Amazon. Now going to gift it to one of my old Professor . My husband too have reviewed and rated t book 5 stars
  7. Sukhendu Pattnaik: Dear Rakeshji - I and Subela are reading the book. We are on the 12th chapter. It definitely is a 5 star book. I'll promote it among the groups I'm in. I'm going to buy the paper back copy as well.
  8. Renu Rathi: Good afternoon sir. I have already bought the book on Kindle Edition. The book is really amazing, which took me to the another world.... I was feeling as if I was experiencing all those things... with great regards
  9. Dr Sanjeev Arora, Dubai: A great and generous work . I already have only kindle edition with me as i am used to reading on kindle sir . But it's commendable job . God bless .
  10. Irina Nola; Very interesting book! It is fascinating how many of your clients remember past lives as students of spiritual teachers in India, and can even quote their teachers in past life scenes...I only had one American client who is a Buddhist in this life and was a Buddhist monk in a past life in India...But some American clients remember past lives with Jesus and or Christian saints, and some were Christian monks/nuns/missionaries/preachers in past lives...It is also interesting that many of your clients remember animal past lives - it occasionally happens in USA also, but it is very rare, and most of clients who remember animal lives are students of shamanism or Earth based religions in current life...may be the idea of animal incarnations is too 'far out" for Western people...I think people will mostly read your book outside India as it is in English...you might consider publishing it in your native language also...It would be interesting to do a comparison between Indian clients past lives and past lives of Westerners living in India, as you do sessions in English and might have had sessions with expats or tourists...
  11. Sanjeev Deshpandey: I am convinced my small book library is empty without this copy. Placing order for the same. Excellent crafting of book with simplicity to a even a conman man.
  12. Ratika: My father is An ENT surgeon now retired. He has read a lot about hypnotherapy because of his interest and has tried on his own on few of his patients with successful results without any monetary interest. He downloaded the free kindle version and has been reading the book. He says not only 5 star reviews....if it's possible then the book should be given 7-8 star reviews.... Thank you Sir.
  13. Madhu Arora: Dr Rakesh Jain Ji, I have finished reading the free version of the book. I enjoyed each & every page. As i reached on the last page & clicked for the next & realized it was an end of free version, I became restless to know what is next. Its not a complaint for the shared part but it shows my keenness to read the rest of the book that I was enjoying. Soon I am gonna buy to read the full book. After reading Many Masters, Many Lives of Brian Weiss, my interest in past life had increased. And this is also true that you were a medium for my present improved health condition. Through your 'Mind Power Group' I came in contact with many past life therapists & took about 6 PLRT sessions from Stella Doshi Ma'am to get rid of severe arthritis. With grace of God almighty & all those helping hands, I am living a healthy & happy life. I am very grateful to you, and all those who crossed my life. All my best wishes to you & linked soul friends.
  14. Lt Col (Rtd.) Rakesh Sharma, ENT Surgeon: Here are my humble comments regarding the fascinating book of Dr Jain which he so graciously made available free of cost online through you. Pls convey my sincere thanks and gratitude to him and pls pass these words to him as a token of appreciation. Thanks. It was almost 24 years back that by strange coincidence, I happened to find myself seated next to a nomad Sage in the Sanctum Santorum of Lord Badrinath temple during its closing ceremony on Nov the 16th 1992, an innocuous incident which was to change the meaning of life for me during the times to follow. It took me 15 years to analyze, understand and assimilate that, that Sage in human form couldn't possibly be a Homo sapien. Among other parcels of absolute knowledge from "Geet Govindam", that He blessed me with, in most simple one liners, was one - "That Almighty never does anything without a reason behind it and that He always does it for the betterment of His creations". Whatever happened, is happening or will happen is preordained. Whomever one meets in life or whatever one does has a reason behind it. I think that's what happened when I met Dr Rakesh Jain through his creation, the book titled "A Glorious Journey of Past Life Regression". I hate to read. Basically I am an audio vocal man (is it surprising having spent life in the field of ENT ?) but this work caught my fancy fairly fast and kept me going. True, genuine, authentic, honest, humble, diligent and strait from the heart of a man possessed with the love of his life - a consuming desire to heal & comfort many - that's how this work appears to my limited mind. I have always been fascinated with metaphysical, occult and forgotten ancient sacred science of healing, which many so-called moderns scorn at and which our wise fore fathers, Sages and Rishis took with them thinking probably we don't deserve that superior knowledge. So coming across this meticulously absorbing work of Dr Jain fits into that principle of "nothing happens without a purpose behind it". May be it will kindle the interest of some or many in those unconventional modes of healing and alleviating the suffering of fellow beings. May the Supreme give abundant zeal and pleasure to Dr Rakesh Jain to pursue his work to his heart's content. With the best of wishes,
  15. Tanushree: This is the basic problem with us. We have a inbuilt misconcept that people in the technically advanced countries are more capable n knowledgeable. Though our subconscious mind knows very well that we also lead. Recent examples are Dr. Amorto Sen and Dr. Jain.
  16. Mamata: Wanted to share with you that i was recommending the books to someone interested in plr. I started with dr brian weiss and wen i fwdid the second reference of dr jain i felt so proud that our Indian community has such a wonderful psychologist who has contributed so much to the practical experience. And also getting so much acclaim in the west. Keep up the great work.
  17. Dr. Ashutosh Srivastava: This book has hypnotic tendency i am not able to resist myself from completing it in one go after reading a few pages
  18. Deepankar Patra Just finished Dr Rakesh Jain's wonderful book primarily useful for practising therapists. It captures all the relevant areas in PLR and Dr Jain provides food for thought on probable research areas. A must have book for all progressive minded people engaged in the field of healing. As a therapist and a researcher I am immensely benefitted by Dr Jain's glorious journey.
  19. Dr. Raju Shah: I am reading the glorious journey of PLR at present. It's a gripping book.
  20. Dr. Kamal Kishore: Dr.Rakesh jain Sir and his book both are marvelous teacher if you have not read this book . You r missing a lots about life and life
  21. Manisha Chopra: U know ... Book is excellent and exceptionally good..
  22. Nitin Sharma: Thanks to you for releasing such a wonderful encyclopedia which offers Single-window channel for all key learnings around PLR and Healings. I’ve recommended your book ‘A Glorious Journey of Past Life Regression’ to KWENCH.
  23. Dr. Arun Sethi: Glorious book by Dr jain for common man and professionals-once-again-he has amply justified the ancient. Lit-and exp-of-great saints-including-hon-great-yoganandji the history-of-lord parsavnath--in jain-books-now can be justified-my-regards and naman to df jain. I have performed more then 70cases of flp-by using paintings of myself results -i m surprised my self- thanks Dr jain naman-as a teacher u r outstanding-now as a writer-you have excelled-outstanding book-on-plr I call this book as kudhrung-book-jiski koi sanni nahi hai-naman-regards my guru guide
  24. Talha: I have started enjoying your book and I must say I never came across such an easy going and accessible literature. Simply wonderful.
  25. Rajbir Kaur: Hello sir. Namaskar..I recently read your book..'A glorious journey of past life regression. '..it is a amazing book. You are doing such a kind job by healing people. May almighty always bless you..
  26. Dhawal Patel: Each word and integrating it in all its entirety, marveling as to the dept of each sentence and the simplicity with which such complex procedures are narrated flawlessly
  27. Preeti Upadhyay: Read the book beautifully written. Its a gift to all of us. Simple language simple methods.. but the impact is solid.
  28. Vijay Mehra: I would like to call this book as "Hypnopedia"
  29. Anindita Mukherjee: Reading. Really it is very useful book. The language of this book is very simple to understand.
  30. Pratima Sharma: very useful book for professionals.
  31. Sanneev Deshpandey: The book is written with up most simplicity, for a common man to have clear understanding about clinical application of hypnotherapy and past life regression phenomenal experience for cure in present life. His work is exemplary, excellent contribution and research with deep passionate interest.
  32. Divya Gupta: Amazing book, its full of knowledge & very useful for all people who hv some interest in. I feel its a must reading book
  33. Rachna Pandit: Am on 13th chapter, very interesting book with a very easy to understand language. I have read many books of psychology and hypnosis as a course book but none of them were so interesting! This book is like a novel with educational stuff.
  34. Atul Bajpeyi: Reading and re-reading chapters already read ! This book is a resource manual for me and I have already started applying techniques and tips given in the book which are working like magic. The book is written in such a style that it seems that someone is telling story. Very easy to comprehend. Amazing book. I am grateful.
  35. Monika Reading ..its just awesome and the best thing is the simple language been used .Enjoying each and every single page I got to read till now
  36. Rahul Mahajan: Gone through this wonderful book it's must read book for all written in simple language n covering various topics like hypnosis, past life regression, healing, positive thinking etc. & one can try to experience these by following simple techniques explained in this book.
  37. Sonia Puar: Dear Sir, your book is wonderful and very simple and easy to read. Thank you for writing and sharing it. 🙂 learned a lot. Regards.
  38. Dr. Raju Shah: Phenomenal book. Dr Jain has covered the hypnotherapy in such way that all (new as well as experienced) therapists have something more to learn
  39. Kumkum Sharman: A magnificent Journey...can b read several time
  40. Pratima Mahendru: Really amazing book sir....my book is full of marks and highlights.....every sentence and every single word is very important....
  41. Dr. Verma: I read Dr Jain's book recommended by you. I must say I got pretty engrossed in it. It is very interesting.
  42. Amrit Kaur: I read the book. I'm amazed at the subtle thread of your prominent thought being put so cautiously into the words . I pray for the satiation of your mind in this quest.
  43. Prabhat Mishra: Sir, I bought it in paper edition. Really its an amazing book. Specifically your initial days experiences. Now, I also wanted to learn hypnosis.
  44. Dr Arvind Shirbhate, Psychiatrist: Dr. Chinu, I have read the book. it's very impressive. At least I liked. Thanks for suggesting.
  45. Raja Sagar: mind blowing, Thank you sir for sharing your experience with us
  46. Manoj: Read your book with great interest and am totally intrigued by your deep research into this wonderful area.
  47. Amarjit Singh: Good Day Rakesh ji,my name is Amarjit Singh,I am practicing Plr and Hypnosis practice since 2 years, (I practice,geopathy stress treatment,aura scanning,Vaastu ,dowsing)I learnt this from Dr Newton ( Hyderabad) have done around 150 sessions ( one on one with around 50 + people, each having 3 sessions) and also group sessions In both type of sessions people have got both physical and psychological benefits,I am overwhelmed by the results people share. Recently I read your book 'A glorious journey of plr' which is so simple and so fantastic that even a layman can understand the concept.I learnt so many new modalities and understanding like surrogate healing and more. Recently I came to know from dr Tarlochan(he is known of mine) about a whattsapp group of yours, where open discussion is done on the subject, I will be obliged to be a part of this group within your concent. Once again thanking for the wonderful book(I got from vijay mehra ji)
  48. Amrit Kaur: I read the Book in one sitting. The book keeps you anchored while providing so many useful information, you keep engrossed in the story line.
  49. Reader: Thanks for recommending the book on Past Life regression by Dr Jain. I was always intrigued by the subject of Past Life. This book not only satisfied my curiosity but also cleared many doubts about this mystical subject. Hats off to the author for the simple and interesting narration. Thanks once again.

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